Saturday, 29 January 2011

QSL Cards

At the shack there are thousands of QSL cards stuffed into boxes. As an experiment I decided to see if there was a quick way of scanning these - so using a webcam to capture a still image, followed by a python script to stitch the 2 adjacent images together (as the front and back will be on 2 separate images) I managed 400 or so in a session.

stuffed up on flickr for now till I get round to finding a better place for em.

oh the script? it's my 1st adventure into the Python Imaging Library -- and its rather nice.


# Script to generate a single image of a QSL card from 2 adjacent
# scanned images
# Andrew Elwell for F6KAR
# This script may be copied or modified under the terms of the GPL
# We assume that the cards are arranged with the following seq:
# [- 1F] [1R 2F] [2R 3F] .... where FR are Front and Rear of cards

from PIL import Image
import os

indir = "/home/aelwell/Downloads/qsl/batch2"
outdir = "out/"

#leftbox = (100,100,900,1200)
leftbox = (0,0,750,1000)
rightbox = (850,0,1600,1000)

#todo = os.listdir(indir)
#todo = list(todo)
#for i in todo:

for n in range(1,403):
i = "Image-" + str(n) + ".jpg"
image = + "/" +i)
print i

merge ='RGB',(1000,1500),)

print "should skip on 1st iteration"

rear = image.crop(leftbox)
rear = rear.rotate(90)


front = image.crop(rightbox)
front = front.rotate(270) + i,"JPEG")

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Yay. So tibbs has taken up the challenge and become my sponsor for Fedora. So far I've got libfap built in koji, just working out the ins and outs of Bodhi, and we're good for multiple platform / arch builds. Seems rather simple compared to some other buildsystems I'm using :-)

Anyway, lets see if planet.fp.o picks up on the Fedora tag correctly

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