Sunday, 9 August 2009

SPA3102 and Swisscom

I've had a Linksys (nee sipura) spa3102 for a while (worked fine in the UK with sipgate) but havent got round to configuring it for switzerland yet.

Idiots guide seeing as I had trouble finding this on the net:

1) factory reset: ****, 73738#, 1#, hangup
2) make sure you have a computer in the NAT socket ('Ethernet') - I use mine bridged or into a main switch
3) and reset Router > WAN Setup > Enable WAN Web Server > YES
4) Router > LAN Setup > Networking Service > BRIDGE
helps a little
as does

Things I've changed are
Voice > Regional > TimeZone > "GMT +1"
Voice > Regional > FXS Port Impedance > "270+750||150nF"
Voice > Regional > Caller ID Method > ETSI FSK
Voice > Line 1 > Dialplan > (<#:>xx.<:@gw1>|xx.<:@gw0>)

This dialplan is because I wish to use swisscom pstn most of the time, but prefix with # if I want the call to go over the VOIP service

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