Thursday, 30 April 2009


OK, so I work in IT. I *should* do regular backups. I know what happens when disks die. Finally (after aaaages of delaying) I set up my external USB HDD to work with Bacula. Not a moment to soon, 3 days in and I get asked do I have a copy of X file from the PC at home. clickity click, restore, find file, select restore to different machine, run. and lo...

Job: RestoreFiles.2009-04-30_14.27.48.19
Restore Client: shinybox-fd
Start time: 30-Apr-2009 14:27:50
End time: 30-Apr-2009 14:28:06
Files Expected: 1
Files Restored: 1
Bytes Restored: 42,212
Rate: 2.6 KB/s
FD Errors: 0
FD termination status: OK
SD termination status: OK
Termination: Restore OK

tada! scp'd and mailed. :-)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No. Just 'NO' OK!

I may be proved wrong on this, but why do a remake of *such* a classic, the Edge of Darkness. I mean, the late Bob Peck vs 'Mel Gibson ... a homicide detective for the Boston Police Department."

Ho Hum.

munin SNMP

Blogging this as the munin docs suck a bit -- lovely and technical but no HOWTOs

anyway I have an out of the box debian munin install on my epia box (hostname mythic) and I wanted to also plot the network traffic on my swisscom VDSL router (which is SNMPable)

Magic incantation to /etc/munin/munin.conf is:

use_node_name yes

use_node_name no

(where I have a decent /etc/hosts for localnet) and then do

munin-node-configure-snmp router.localnet | sh

Thursday, 2 April 2009

New title

Decided to rename my blog in honour of Globus-gatekeeper

it's a grid thing....

Feeling Pumped!

Having just had a day without power, and then going round the site to check everything came back online correctly (including services such a...