Thursday, 1 September 2011

puppet /. facter / v12n

As I'm starting to get into puppet, especially when used with the foreman for dashboard display, I've started noticing a few (fixable) oddities

1st up ios that not all RHEL clones are treated equally -- some patches are just adding detection and flaggin, others go the full hog and make sure its in all the "constrain:" sections in facter too. I guess I need to do a code review and pull in the extras. Cue lots of different VMs
(the joys of a weeks home leave from work..)

secondly, virtualisation detection is 'flakey' -- some (vmware) are really well detected, but new kernels give false positives (see issue #7723) so I'm going to set about tidying these up and adding hyper-V detection properly

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