Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shuttle bus tracker

Not that I tend to err, leave things till last possible minute or anything, but I'd really like to have a tracking system on the CERN shuttle busses, so that I can stay in the office until I know the bus is coming. (or, armed with a mobile device waiting at the stop, see where it is)

So - I was thinking something embedded ish that contained a cheapo GPS chipset (probably good enough signal on the dasboard, a 2 line LCD and a keypad

something UI ish for driver along the lines of 'select route:'
and then it'd show the route, upcoming timetabled stops

backhaul to site would be GSM (should be able to transmit a small UDP packet of transponder#,Route#,Position,timestamp) to a central server.

The folks over at (yes, they started concerto too) already have some code that looks interesting at

Question is, would it be cost effective to roll our own, and if not, who's offering the best / cheapest (open) system out there?

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Andy Stamford-Clark and the guys at Hursley did something like that.

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