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Nasa TV on PS3

Since there's no european satellite stream of Nasa TV it means you have to watch a streamed version over here.

Also I'd like to watch it *on the TV* when there's something interesting, rather than a PC. so, with a bit of hackery contains just the swf embed object (no extra junk) scaled to 720p size.

Opening the link in the PS3 web browser and clicking the 'fullscreen' bottom RH corner means you get a nice fullscreen flash stream on your TV :-)

share and enjoy.

email clients

Came across this posting recently. Oh that the following recommendations were actually implemented somewhere...

But let me suggest a few pop-up windows I would like to see
mail-programs implement whenever people send or reply to email
to the lists they want me to subscribe to:
+------------------------------------------------------------+ | Your email is about to be sent to several hundred thousand | | people, who will have to spend at least 10 seconds reading | | it before they can decide if it is interesting. At least | | two man-weeks will be spent reading your email. Many of | | the recipients will have to pay to download your email. | | | | Are you absolutely sure that your email is of sufficient | | importance to bother all these people ? | | | | [YES] [REVISE] [CANCEL] | +-----------------…