Monday, 13 September 2010

VoIP en France

We've moved to France, with all the normal hassle over paperwork, etc. Done the signups for utilities, then had to choose a phone company.

France has the rough equivalent of a LLU line 'degroupe' [no I haven't got punctuation dorted yet] see Wikipedia. and many of the ADSL modem/router/wotsits include an ATA in them.

So - at home we went with Orange, cos like the incumbent should be fairly reliable right.... ha!. If the VOIP line dies (we don't have a 'real' POTS line) then you have to do a factory reset of the livebox2, re-add in all the login details and any other customisations, and wait.

Oh, and they don't publish the SIP info for the ATA, so I can't even use a hardware voip phone for those times when internet up but the livebox voip service is down.

I've gone with (hopefully - still waiting for the confirmation) for the flat. lets see if they're any better...

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