Monday, 13 September 2010

Dear McDondalds,.... [RANT]

Dear McDonalds. If I wanted to wait over 15 minutes (from placing order to collection) for a simple meal (burger, drink and fries) I'd have gone to a REAL restaurant. Note, advertising your franchises as 'McDonalds Resturants' does not IMHO make it a real resturant. Oh, and teach your staff that >900 seconds on your timeclock is indeed 15 mins, so when I complain, point to said display (twas one of those place order and collect screens) and complain its been over 15 mins "No it isn't" is the Wrong Response. (see LART for possible reeducation tool)

Oh, and tell one of your other stores about NTP. Setting a computer clock is not difficult. Apparently I ordered at 12:39:40 in that store, but they managed to authorize a bank transaction at 12:32:16 (6 minutes before ordered. Impressive. Telepathic payments. Still, at least I got served at 12:33:20. again, before I'd ordered...

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