Monday, 5 October 2009

swisscom VDSL & dyndns

Those of you who follow my twitter stream will have noticed that I managed to 'lose' my home machine today. It was online and active, I just didn't have its IP address (somwhere in the swisscom pool)

I thought I'd set up the embedded dynamic-dns client on my router, a Swisscom provided (motorola) netopia VDSL modem:

Terminal shell v1.0
Copyright ©2008 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved.
Netopia Model 7347-84 AnnexA VDSL Wireless Ethernet Switch, PBC
Running Netopia SOC OS version 7.8.2 (build r3)
VDSL Capable

Turns out that you have to save your username not your email address in the client, even though both are valid in the web login.

so the correct settings for those googling is:

Netopia-7000/XXXXXX> conf

Config Mode v1.3
Netopia-7000/XXXXXX (top)>>
set dynamic-dns option
set dynamic-dns ddns-host-name "DYNHOSTNAME"
set dynamic-dns ddns-user-name "USERNAME"
set dynamic-dns ddns-user-password "PASSWORD"

subsitituting the things in caps for your own
then do a validate, save, restart and lo:

later on in 'view log' I see:

10/5/09 08:01:05 PM L3 DDNS: initializing service
10/5/09 08:01:23 PM L3 DDNS: Hostname updated. good


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